Set Design


The following pics show the progress of the Time Warner Studio from before to after.  Joe Valenti designed the entire studio, laid down the hardwood floor, built the walls, the sets and painted the studio and set pieces.




The following pics are the before, comps and after pics of the ISNN Studio located in Bedminster, NJ.  The studio overlooks the AT&T Global Network Operations Center (GNOC).  As you can see from the pics the room was a regular office type conference room.  The original photos were taken digitally and then the comps were designed using the digital photos in Photoshop.  The comps were then given to construction workers and the studio was designed form the comps.   

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These are a few random shots of the studio.

ISNN Studio 1.jpg (324874 bytes)ISNN Studio 2.jpg (296013 bytes)ISNN Studio 3.jpg (298818 bytes)ISNN Studio 4.jpg (295934 bytes)

In order to make due with the limited space we had at the time, I decided that flats were the best way to utilize the space we had.  These were built in the carport at my home and then shipped up to our studios.  Union laws prohibited us at the time form building the flats on premises. 

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Here are some examples of the flats in use for CIO Corner and Lecture Series Presents.

Cio Corner 1.jpg (343338 bytes)Cio Corner 2.jpg (342492 bytes)Cio Corner 3.jpg (349182 bytes)Lecture Series 1.jpg (342139 bytes)Lecture Series 2.jpg (319469 bytes)Lecture Series 3.jpg (329041 bytes)

Here are a few shots of the ISNN Control Room.

Control Room 1.jpg (270466 bytes)Control Room 2.jpg (418596 bytes)Control Room 3.jpg (261240 bytes)Control Room 4.jpg (305331 bytes)

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    (2) Libec Tripods w/ Dolly Wheels
    18 foot Jib (EZFX) Crane with Camera Turret Motorized Head & Column Tripod
    3 foot Junior Jib (EZFX) Crane
    Professional Doorway Dolly with Curved and Straight Tracks
    Ladder Dolly
    (13) Panasonic 5 hour batteries & (5) Battery Chargers
    (3) 19 inch HD Monitors
    32 inch HD Monitor
    8" IKAN Teleprompter
    Panasonic DVX100a 
    Remote Motorized Camera Head
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    (2) 2K Lighting w/Barndoors
    (4) 1K Lighting w/ Barndoors
    (4) 1K Par Cans
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    (2) 650w Britek Softboxes
    (2) 200w Spots
    (7) 300w Impact Focusing Spots w/Barndoors 
    (2) 600w Totas
    (2) 600w Lowell DP Floods
    (1) 350w Arri w/ Barndoors
    (1) 250w Lowell DP w/ Barndoors
    (2) Professional Dimmers
    (5) C-Stands (3 with arms)
    (8) Pigeon Stands 
    (2) Daylight Color Correction softbox covers
    Multiple Gels and Color Correctors
    Reflector and bounce Boards
    (10) Professional Extension Cords
    Gemini U-Cart
    (6) Sandbags
    Slate, Clamps, Blackwrap, Gaffers Tape, Household Lamp Dimmers
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    300' of Component Cable
    700' of SDI BNC

    AVID Xpress Pro HD with over 5 Terabytes of Space
    Photoshop CS3
    After FX CS3
    Maya 6
    Studio Max 3D
    AVID Media Composer 4000



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