The Groove Crew


November 6, 2001

After months of incredible gigs and a promising future, The Groove Crew is no more.  On October 20, the final gig was played and the band split up.  Drugs and alcohol played a major factor as well as the commitment factor.  The Groove Crew made a habit of playing in front of crowds of 500 to 2000 fans every week visiting venues such as Finnagan's Wake, The Princeton, Washington College, The Ocean Club and many other venues across Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  The band was currently working on their first original CD titled "Sex Cells" and was scheduled for release in December, 2001.  All recording has been terminated.  This past September, the band also shot a documentary at NBC studios titled, "We Came To Play".  Post production on the documentary has been stopped as well. For those who have seen the Groove Crew, you'll remember the Groove Tube, which was the video presentation the band had at all of their performances.