Jared's Bio

Jared Williams was born in Brick, NJ and has lived there all his life. At this point in time, Jared’s parents are retired and live down in Florida. Jared remained in New Jersey to finish his studies and pursue his dreams. He is an aspiring filmmaker and has hopes of becoming a Hollywood director someday. At an early age, Jared began making movies on his Dad’s home video camera. All through high school, Jared would put together video projects for his classes rather than have to write a paper. He works at Monmouth Park Racetrack and is in charge of the nighttime simulcast racing. He is also a student at Ocean County College and since there is not a film program there, his major is marketing. He began taking film classes at New York University, however only managed to complete three classes due to the lack of funds.


Greg's Bio

    Gregory Robert Wilson was born in Bethesda, Maryland as the second of two boys to his loving parents. With his father in the U.S. Navy, Greg’s family moved all around America, and even to Yokohama, Japan for two years. Throughout his childhood, Greg was always putting on a show for his family, friends, and even strangers as he would break into song, do a silly improvisation, or sometimes pretend to be a mannequin in department stores, startling patrons as they walked by. The Wilson family finally settled in Springfield, Virginia and at the age of fourteen, Greg got access to a video camera and started "The Gregory Robert Wilson Show", writing, directing, and acting out skits, musical numbers, comedy sketches, and short movies with his friends. Always eager to entertain, Greg continued to exercise his imagination and make new episodes for many years.

    After four years of Theater Arts in high school, Greg moved away from his immediate family to live with his grandmother in Beachwood, New Jersey and attend college. It was here that Greg began to take acting even more seriously, finding it to be a great creative outlet and feeling a deeper meaning in the art of performing. While taking a number of acting classes and participating in many plays, Greg met long-time friends Scott DiPalo and Darren DeBari. The trio went on to make numerous movies together on video, several with Steven Michalkowski also involved. In addition to the college courses, fueled by his passion for the craft and the desire to get a well-rounded formal education, Greg studied at Weist-Barron School of Television, HB Studios, and the Hollywood Film Institute.

    Greg met Joe Valenti while they were both working their ‘day jobs’ in the retail industry. The two immediately saw they had much in common, showed each other their previous work, and decided to collaborate on some projects. They made several short films and videos, a couple pairing Greg with DiPalo. In between these projects, Greg landed a role in a feature-length film by a director whom he had met years earlier through a mutual friend also at his ‘day job’ in the retail industry. He was again teamed with actors DeBari, DiPalo, Michalkowski, and Valenti, and it was on this film that Greg had the opportunity to work with Theresa McKenna and Bob Clark for the first time.

    Since completing principal photography for "Lying Beside You", Greg has tried to stay active in the film industry, whether in front of the camera or helping out behind the scenes on various productions. He is currently collaborating with DeBari on their second screenplay, with plans to work on many more original scripts by both DeBari and himself. Greg currently works in the television department of the Meadowlands Sports Complex in New Jersey. He enjoys watching movies, old and new, and finds them to be meaningful and inspiring. In the hopes of one day being a part of that magic, Greg continually seeks to improve his skills and better understand the artistic expression of human behavior.


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