Kevin's Bio

Kevin Leonard was born in Toms River, NJ and has lived there all his life. He is currently a student at Ocean County College and is majoring in Psychology. He works part time as a dealer in Atlantic City. Kevin is what you would call a "womanizer". He is infatuated with females and cannot get enough of them. The longest relationship he has ever been inů 17 days. Kevin is the middle child and his parents are divorced. With his psychology degree, Kevin hopes to one day offer therapy to women who have gone through a tough divorce.


Scott's Bio

Scott DiPalo was born On July 6, 1972. A lifelong resident of Toms River , NJ, Scott has always had the acting bug running around his head. "I remember seeing ‘The Cannonball Run’ when I was young," says Scott, " and the outtakes at the end made film making look to be so much fun that I knew I had to do that." His interest has grown since those childhood days, and the acting has taken on more meaning. "I don’t think of it as just a lot of laughs anymore," he continues, "There’s certainly a deeper feeling I have when a scene comes out right and you feel yourself slip into character." Scott dabbled in high school plays and the like for a few years also doing some light acting in college. He took the courses the college had to offer, but not satisfied, he went to New York to study at HB studios and Weist-Barron School of Television. "Going to New York to study provided me with a quality study environment which wasn’t there in the small college classes which I had taken previous." Scott explains. " The students in those later courses were more serious about honing their craft and subsequently provided better feedback while playing out scenes or just offering a more pertinent critique of your performance."

    After schooling in New York, some time passed before Scott found himself acting again. " Real life sometimes runs away with you and you find a few years have gone by without your taking notice of the time." These days, however, Scott has begun to again take seriously his passion for getting in front of the camera. " Getting together with Joe Valenti and seeing his fire for the independent film has made me recall the time when I really enjoyed telling a story on film or video or anything!"

    Working with Scott on his current film, ‘Lying Beside You,’ are long-time friends Greg Wilson and Darren DeBari. Scott continues, "Greg and Darren are great guys to work with. The amount of fun that we all have together on the set is just unbelievable. Even when things are not going well and problems typical of an independent film arise, we still manage to laugh through it all."

    Scott currently has a girlfriend of two years and enjoys riding his motorcycle in his spare time. His ‘day job’ is that of a casino dealer in Atlantic City.