Triple Threat


Year: 1988

Running Time: 17 minutes

Starring: Brian Goode

Ben McIntyre

Joe Valenti

Directed by: Joe Valenti


 Triple Threat was Valenti’s first movie. This sci-fi, adventure teamed up Luke Skywalker with Indiana Jones to do battle against the Dark Lord (who was Uncle Owen, Anakin Skywalker’s brother). Star Wars toys were used as props for the ships, fishing line was used to make them fly, firecrackers to create explosions on the ships, homemade costumes, Nerf swords for lightsabers and camera trickery to produce some innovative shots. Unfortunately the concept and the music were used without permission, so we can’t show you a clip from the movie. Maybe one day we can.

Joe Valenti would don the role of Indiana Jones, a role he would later play again 10 years later, only as Indiana Joe. Joe also played the part of the Emporer. At age 13, Joe didn’t have the facial hair needed for the Indy scruff look, so he resorted to using coffee grinds to grow a beard. Brian Goode (who also appears in Following Directions & Lying Beside You) plays the role of Luke Skywalker, the young jedi who crash lands on Earth and is rescued by Indiana Jones. Goode plays double roles as well by also playing the Evil Ninja, who aides the Dark Lord. Ben McIntyre is the man behind the mask as he takes on two masked roles. He plays both the Dark Lord and Hero, the good Ninja. Ben also appears in Lying Beside You, however you have to really look… he’s a passer by.

The 17 minute movie was never completed as it left its viewers with a "To Be Continued…" Perhaps one day, the trio will get together and complete the project.


The Chase 


Year: 1994

Running Time: 17 minutes

Directed by: Joe Valenti

"The Chase" is an action packed short video which simply shows a car chase.  Greg Wilson and Scott DiPalo appear in this Valenti production as well. 

The setting is New Jersey and the plot is unknown.  Two mysterious individuals (Wilson and DiPalo) are being pursued by two other individuals (John Loutraris and Joe Valenti).  The reason behind the chase is never revealed.  The movie simply focuses on the chase and pursuit.  Good driving stunts, witty one-liners, and a great soundtrack give "The Chase" an adventure feeling thrill ride.  A classic VVF scene is when Loutraris and Valenti try to chase down an airplane during take off.

The Chase 2


Year: 1995

Running Time: 3 minutes

Directed by: Joe Valenti

This was Valenti’s first actual film because it was his first movie actually shot on film. During Joe’s time at NYU this was the first 16mm project he would get the opportunity to direct with the help of some of his fellow students. It was shot as a silent film, but music and sound effects were later added during editing. The film was shot in Brick and Point Pleasant, NJ.

Joe also was the cinematographer for all of the shots he wasn’t in. He also edited the film as well. Although it was not planned, this project soon became the sequel to an earlier Valenti movie in 1994… The Chase.


Indiana Joe

  Indiana Joe and the Box of Egairram was a thirteen-minute adventure movie which was his biggest budget movie to date ($700)… it even drew interest from America’s Funniest Home Videos… however because of copyright issues… (the music and the concept were used without permission)… Indiana Joe remains a silent success.

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