From the moment I strummed my first chord it was music to my ears,

The fame and fortune of movie life is what I dreamt for years,

Standing in front of a mirror, use a racquet as my guitar,

Help my dreams of one day being a rock ní roll star.


But you say Iím crazy, donít have a prayer,

Iím wishing upon a star.

You say Iím soundiní like an untuned guitar.

But if I canít have you by my side,

Then Lord get me off of this bumpy ride,

Iíll take my road to success another time


(Please have faith)

Please have some faith in me,

(Cause I know)

Cause I know, I know I can make it,

(Have no doubt)

And if you have no doubt, Iíll work it all out, and Iíll showíem what I got,

(What Iím made of)

Iím gonna prove myself to the world, showíem what Iím made of.


And now the time has come, Iím on my way,

To take a chance and make my dreams come true,

Iím on the road, playiní my song for everyone to hear,

But the woman that I want most there is you.








I wake up lonely every night,

Wanting someone to hold me tight,

The only time youíre with me is in my sleep,

The only thing Iím left with is memories to keep.


Midnight Girl are you my imagination,

Midnight Girl are you every manís salvation,

Midnight Girl youíre my very own creation,

In my mind is where Iíll find you.


I find myself reaching out for your hand,

I try to explain myself but no one understands,

I just canít handle all this mystery and confusion,

Iím wondering if this time youíre real or just another illusion.



Because youíre in my mind, itís getting hard to find,

A single peaceful night of dreaminí

Itís driviní me insane, I donít know who to blame,

I really canít contain my feeliní

You know to my surprise, I open up my eyes,

To find that youíre disguised as my ceiling

You always haunt my dreams, but make me feel at ease,

I just canít understand the meaning


Are these pictures of passion Iím seeing all real,

Or is it just another part of you that I just cannot feel,

Iím really not sure of what it is that I fear,

Is it me waking up and having you disappear.



 Tonight I only wanna hold you tight,

Tonight just wanna let you know,

Tonight just wanna talk and find out what to do,

Tonightís a night for me and you.


Tonight can feel so good with you in my arms,

Tonight can last forever if we hold on,

Tonight brings out the stars with everything we do,

Tonightís a night for me and you.


Tonight I realize just what you mean to me,

Our love can shine a shooting star,

The gods have made me believe in what I see,

Theyíve shown me loveís not that far away.



Tonight, can be so right,

But without you here beside me

I canít make it through the night

Tonight, come hold me tight,

Just hear me out believe me tonight.


Tonight I only wanna be with you,

Tonightís a night that will not end,

Tonightís a night that we can make it through,

Tonightís a night for me and you.


Tonight I realize the beauty in your eyes,

The look that always cuts right through,

Tonight I realize Iím in heaven for the night,

Baby come with me, gotta be there with you.



Tonight Iíll tell you youíre the princess in my dreams,

Tonight Iíll wanna close my eyes,

Tonight Iím not a lone Iím dreaminí for two,

Tonightís a night for me and you.


Lying Beside You

 Iím Lying Beside You and you donít know who I am

I tried so hard to explain to you but you couldnít understand

I offered you my reason but it wonít fit like a glove

For Lying Beside You my love


Everything seemed easy when I looked the other way

But now Iím turned around and Iím faced with you and I donít know what to say

So let me try Iím sorry, thatís the best Iím thinking of

For lying beside you my love


Bridge 1

And I wake up in the morning and I look upon my face

And I wish that I could run away to another time and place

Cause I know that Iíve done wrong and I canít take back the lies

Just give me a chance, Iíll make you realize


Lying Beside You, Iíll be there if youíre falling down

You can trust your heart and close your eyes, you will never touch the ground

Iíll be the arms to catch you when the push then comes to shove

And Iíll be right there beside you my love


Bridge 2

Everything seemed easy when it looked like I was in the clear

But everything came crashing down with waves of truth and pools of tears




Bridge 1

I was looking in the darkness in search of something bright

And Iím trying hard to right the wrong instead of wrong the right

And I know that Iíve done wrong and itís time to take a stand

Just give me a chance to show you who I am


Lying Beside You, and I donít know what to do

If I could turn back the hands of time I would make it all back up to you

I need you here beside me and I pray to the God above

To be Lying Beside You my love

Iím Lying Beside You my love



 Baby Iíve been missing you my whole life, forever,

My soul gets lost in your eyes as I stare at your face,

Everybody seems to say better late than never,

But the only saying I feel is right is wrong time & place.


Youíve walked away from love before just to find that youíre alone,

I may not be your crowded room but my heartís not made of stone,

If we feel this is what we need to get us through the night,

Then how could somethiní so wrong ever really feel so right.



Where were you when I needed love,

When I was dreaminí of the perfect one,

Where were you when I needed a friend,

Someone Iíd love til the end of time to come.

Faith kept you away from me,

I donít believe in destiny,

They say the best things in life come free, they never do,

Cause where were you.


We stay up late at night talking on the telephone,

Wishing we could be in each otherís arms,

Saying prayers that canít be answered so we still feel all alone,

How could something so close ever really be that far.


The romance brought us together and the world keeps us apart,

We could try and justify this lie and mend our broken hearts,

I donít care what the world is thinkiní, man to hell with society,

Cause who are they to judge us, they donít know you, they donít know me.




The past is driviní me insane, how long will this last,

Am I destined here to roam the earth, barefoot on broken glass,

To have my perfect love, is that too much to ask.