Sir Round Sound

    Sir Round Sound was formed in 1993. Joe Valenti, at the time a freshman in college, answered an ad in the paper for "starting a rock n’ roll band" in Jackson, NJ (that should have been clue number one). Joe decided to go to the audition and packed up his microphone, guitar and amp. He auditioned for the two people who placed the ad. The female… an overweight, Heart, Pat Benetar wanna-be. The male… well he reminded Joe of Greg Evigan… you know "My Two Dads". Anyway, that’s where Joe met Todd Costello (guitar) and Charles Vogel (bass). Practicing began with Joe, Todd, Charlie, a drummer whose name couldn’t be remembered and the two mentioned earlier who started the band. After about a week, the drummer was hired at a really great job, and due to the fact he was getting married in a few months, he left the band to go make a lot of money… go figure. Now there was Joe, Todd, Charlie and the two mentioned earlier who started the band. Todd brought all of them up to Matawan to try out a new drummer named Frank, who was a friend of Todd’s. Everyone was impressed with Frank’s playing. Following the tryout, the two mentioned earlier who started the band left and were on their way home. This left Joe, Todd, Charlie and Frank there to talk. It was concluded that they (Joe, Todd, Charlie and Frank) did not need them (the two mentioned earlier who started the band), so they got rid of them.

    The next step for the band was to obtain a keyboard player. Not a lot of bands at the time had a keyboard player. Having one would enable the band to play a much more varied set list as well as have a different kind of sound. In Joe’s English 101 class there was a kid in there named Damon. Joe’s girlfriend’s friend Samantha told Joe that he was a keyboard player and a good one at that. Joe decided to confront Damon about auditioning for the band. Damon accepted the offer and asked Joe to pick him up and take him to the audition (oh, did we forget to mention that Damon is blind?). To make a long story short… Damon auditioned, the band loved him, and Sir Round Sound was formed.

    Sir Round Sound quickly began work on their first demo tape titled "Beginnings". It would consist of three original songs written by Joe: "Baby What You See (Ain’t All That You Get)", which is featured in the "Lying Beside You" Soundtrack, "Midnight Girl" and "Tonight’s a Night". After shopping their demo around to all the major bars and clubs in the area, Sir Round Sound found themselves booked and playing almost every weekend all over New Jersey including a few dates in New York City. The cover songs ranged from the early 1950’s to the hard edge sound of the 90’s with everything in between present as well. Joe then produced, wrote and directed "All For One", a 17 minute Rockumentary that was used to promote the band. This video helped the band book many more dates. Sir Round Sound was even getting radio airplay on X88.9 FM and "Tonight’s a Night", the band’s power ballad, was being requested by fans of the band on several occasions.

    By fall of ’93, Sir Round Sound was playing out weekly, mixing in their original music while playing a vast array of cover tunes. The band seemed to be moving in the right direction at an accelerated pace. However, problems began to arise with the drummer in the band. Practices were being missed, dedication was lacking, and due to his job and his personal life, Frank could not keep up with the pace. The band had to get rid of Frank. This put a severe strain on Sir Round Sound… one that would never quite recover. A new drummer had to be found immediately to uphold prior show commitments. John Hawes joined Sir Round Sound and the band never missed a show. John was quickly brought up to speed on all the originals and the covers that were being played and a new Sir Round Sound was back in the saddle.

    Although the music end of the band was going well… personalities began to clash. Different people were looking in different directions and it became tougher and tougher to keep the band at ease. In the spring of 1994 "The Aquarium", the Jersey Shore music paper published a small article about the band, quoting them as "New Jersey’s popular party band". After a positive review, the demand for Sir Round Sound was at its peak and they would now be in a position to pick and choose their dates… and their price. The band however, would never play any of these venues. A week after the review was printed, the band had broken up and gone their separate ways.

    Six years later, three of the five original members of Sir Round Sound have reunited to bring you the original music of "Lying Beside You". Joe Valenti, Damon Fibraio and Todd Costello are together to make one of the best, original soundtracks for an independent film. Perhaps Sir Round Sound will once again rise from the ashes and continue where they left off… only time will tell.