Valenti Vision Films is proud to roll out Vision 1 and Vision 2, our mobile, multi-camera production facilities, to clients all over the country.  Since 2011 Valenti Vision Films has created over 600 hours of original programming to various television and internet outlets including ESPN3, NUVO, Fuse, Comcast Networks, Ivy League Digital Network, The American Digital Network, NBC's Nonstop Networks, ABC Livewell, NJTV and many other networks.  In 2014 and 2015 alone, Valenti Vision Films has done mobile productions in over 26 states including Florida, Texas, California and Ohio.  Now everyone has the opportunity to execute  professional productions for an affordable price.  Not only can we capture your events in the best possible resolution but we can also stream your event live online.  This feature is great for sporting events, concerts, businesses conducting nationwide meetings or your personal events you would like to share with everyone around the world who are not fortunate enough to attend.  Vision 1 and Vision 2 are an opportunity for your station or company to obtain a more efficient and professional way of broadcasting your television show or event at an extremely affordable price. Vision 3 provides indenedent filmmakers an affordable option to bump up your production value with full lighting and grip equipment, dolly and tracks, motorized slider, and 16 foot jib. You are limited only by your imagination as to what you create with our Vision Line of Production Trucks.

All games directed and TD'ed by Joe Valenti.  The following examples were executed with Vision 1 & Vision 2 from venues such as Metlife Stadium, Asbury Park's Congress Hall,  Rutgers, Temple, The Revel and Princeton University.


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  DVD also available!  Email for further info.

The trucks are loaded with brand new, state of the art equipment including:  

bulletBlack Magic Atem 2 HD Production Switcher
bulletNewtek 3Play
bullet(6) Panasonic HPX 250 HD Cameras
bullet(2) Pansonic HPX 170 HD Camera
bulletData Video CG350 HD Graphics
bullet(4) IKAN High Definition Viewfinder Monitors
bullet(6) Libec and Sachtler Tripods
bullet(2) 16-channel Behringer Audio Mixer
bullet24-channel Behringer Audio Mixer
bulletComplete audio including wireless mics, booms, announcer headsets
bullet20-Person Porta-Com Intercom System
bullet(6) Audio Snakes
bullet18 foot EZ-FX Jib with Motorized Head and 3 foot Junior Jib
bulletProfessional Doorway Dolly with Curved and Straight Tracks
bulletComplete LIghting: 2Ks, 1Ks, Softboxes, Spots (Over 30 different lights in all)
bullet(8) High Definition Monitors: (2) 32" and (6) 19"

 Valenti Vision Films will deliver the highest quality production at a cost that will beat our competitors hands down.  Our dollar to dollar, pound for pound execution, sets us apart from all of the other mobile units.  As our motto states, our work will speak for itself.  Below are examples of what Valenti Vision Films and Vision 1 & 2 are capable of during live, taped and streamed events.