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Valenti Vision Films on Amazon Prime!!!

Valenti Vision Films currently has two feature films available on Amazon Prime, “Echelon 8” and “The Meat Puppet”. Echelon 8, prior to Amazon, enjoyed a five year home on Netflix and also aired on the CW and was the ABC Late Night movie.

The Meat Puppet is a psychological thriller which was shot on a budget of roughly $12,000. The film was shot entirely in New Jersey. The crew was very minimal on this shoot. Rarely ever exceeding 3 or 4.

Echelon 8 had a slightly higher budget of around $75,000. The film included a very large cast, car explosions, demolitions, car chases and helicopters. It was quite an undertaking for such a low budget movie. Our crew was slightly larger for this film as well. It had about 5 or 6 crew members at any given time.

In the event you are not an Amazon Prime member, Echelon 8 is available on iTunes as well.



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Owner of Valenti Vision Films. Independent television and film production company based in New Jersey.

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