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The Ark Encounter and Creations Museum in Kentucky

Did you ever wonder what it was like on Noah’s Ark? Well now you have the opportunity to climb aboard the world’s most famous ship!

Located in Williamstown, Kentucky, the Ark Encounter is a theme park allowing visitors to journey though biblical times and see what life on the Ark may have been like. It features three levels of displays and exhibits that tell the story of Noah’s Ark but replicates the ship as to storage of the animals, food supplies and the living quarters for Noah and his family. The ship is filled with display information, shops and eateries and viewing theaters.

The Creations Museum is the sister park to the Ark Encounter located roughly 40 miles away and focuses on the beginning of time according to Genesis. The exhibits range from the story of Adam and Eve, the age of the dinosaurs and the creation of the planet Earth. The site also has zip lines, a zoo and planetariums to enjoy. Both The Creations Museum and Ark Encounter are expanding to include multiple new attractions.

Special thanks to both parks for allowing me to bring my camera inside to capture this incredible tour. The videos were shot on the Blackmagic 4K and Zhiyun Crane 2 and edited on Premiere Pro. For more information visit For more information on the parks visit and



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